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15歳の時、地元テレビに出演したことがきっかけで北海道内限定ミニアルバムを2作発表。道内だけで10,000枚を超える大ヒットを記録した。2008年2月に日本人としてはじめて、米・LAの黒人教会にて「奇跡の子」と称されるパフォーマンスを披露。“黒人教会220年の歴史を変えた!”と賞賛を受け、4月に「CHANGE」でメジャーデビュー。2009年1月に1stアルバム「RAINBOW」を発売。15万枚の大ヒットとなり、オリコン初登場2位をマーク。翌年2ndアルバム「Music is My Life」を発表し、2作連続オリコンベスト5を記録。



2015年12月23日には2年半ぶりの最新作『Something New』を自身が新たに立ち上げるレーベル『Happy Field Records』からのリリース。


Fukuhara debuted under independent Yumecha Records in Sapporo Japan debuting with single and mini-album, “The Roots” and “Step Out”. After the local success of the records, Fukuhara was soon Signed to national label Sony Music Japan in 2006.
She released her first major label single “Change” in 2008, reaching #3 in the National airplay charts.
Soon after she released her studio album“Rainbow” – co-produced by Fukuhara herself peaked at #2 in the national charts in Jan 2009, selling 100,00 copies. 
Her successive signle “Let it Out” was aslo a hit, being chosen as the ending theme of popula anime Fullmetal Alchamisythe same year.
She released her second album soon after in 2009 “Music Is My Life”.
Following this release, she would release more conceptual EPs such as “The Soul Extreme EP” and “The Soul Extreme EP II” in 2011, mixing Soul, R&B and Pop. The leading track of The Soul Extreme EP, “O2”, featured R&B singer AI, and became a commercial success, with over 300,000 legal downloads of the song.
In 2013 she was the first Japanese singer to be signed as the newest frontwoman of the worldwide pop music project Sweetbox – along with male singer/rapper, LogiQ Pryce, releasing their first single “#Z21 (#Zeitgeist21)”. Shortly after, Miho released her singles “Rising Heart”, a song used in a national campaign for Coca-Cola, and “Beyond”, which was used as an end-theme for the anime “Space Brothers”.
In 2014, Fukuhara decided to part ways with Sony Music Japan. In 2015, Fukuhara set up her own record label Happy Field Records, and released an EP entitled “Something New” on December 23. She has continued to tour regularly and has even crossed over to classical territory. She performed in St. Petersburg with the Russia’s oldest symphony orchestra, The Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. As part of Billboard Classic’s series, she has performed multiple times across Japan with a 300+ piece backing group (involving orchestra and gospel choirs) including a return show just 2 months after giving birth to her daughter.